Blog Journal #1: What Shaving My Head Means

I’ve noticed several things about myself over the past ten years (well, nine). My twenties were about finding my limits, pushing them, retracting, and starting over. That last part is the crux of my thoughts recently. I’ve always loosely defined my life in chapters, periods, or eras. There’s often been clearly defined lines that I’ve […]

The reason my musical output online has been so few and far between in recent years is because I got tired of peeling off songs left and right. I figured if I could put out all this music, where is my best? I could tell I was getting better but no one was listening. I […]


I stumbled across an album I hadn’t even thought about for years. In 2008, I moved 1,000 miles from home to Idaho, from everything I knew in Arizona. I moved to live with people I had only spoken with over TeamSpeak or Ventrilo for the previous 2 years or so. Little did I know that […]

New locale: mid-Michigan

I am excited and enamored by Michigan. As much as I was with the Seattle area, I am with Michigan as a whole. It’s a beautiful, friendly place filled with so much character. The state’s – nay, each town’s – history is evident in the state of neighborhoods, houses, buildings, parks, and geography. It’s easy […]

On Attempting to Begin a Career in Music

I’ve begun the process to license as much of my old released & unreleased music as I feel appropriate. I have tracks that I’ve worked on numbering in the mid-to-high 4-digit range, and have only released 150-200 of those ever online (via ACIDplanet and SoundCloud). I’ve only ever wanted to let public the most consistent […]

2016 Album Update & Music Industry Digression

The most exciting recent news for content: Artwork for the upcoming album is 95% complete! Aside from a few small changes (which may or may not actually take place) the album art is simply amazing; I would happily release it as is, though I have asked for a revision for the sake of possibly clarifying […]